• What is your 'Why'?... What are you training for?

    So, flashback to December 2009. I had competed in my first (and only) Figure Competition in Body Building after being successful in going from ~170 pounds down to 114 pounds when I stepped on stage in Nov. 2008. After that I was bored with body building and ramped it up with more super set style training with cardio and plyometrics mixed in those sets. I was training in a globo-gym, and often had a bit of an 'audience'. One day a man came over and asked me, "What are you training for?" He assumed I was training for a race or some kind of fitness competition. It's a trick question, really. My answer, "I'm training to be able to take care of myself... to always be able to carry my dog's 50 pound bag of dog food two or three flights of stairs and carry my own groceries when I'm 90. I'm training to not have to depend on someone else to do something physical for me now and when I'm 60, 70, 80+ years of age." 


    He looked confused, but I meant it. I have one body, and one life. Both of which I've had near misses of losing. I've always been active, but not always enough to keep me strong into my 'older years', and I know how precious my body is, and how much I want to be able to live my life, in it. I am currently witnessing my grandparents lose their ability to care for themselves and it is heart-breaking. They are relying on my parents, aunt, myself and others to do things for them that they should be able to do for themselves. I'm even starting to see this in my own parents. This should not be the case for them or anyone. Now, as a trainer, it's a question that I am asking the people I train. It's an important conversation that is the first part of an initial conversation with my private/personal training clients, and it leads to some meaty discussion about goals, self-esteem, perseverance and what we value in ourselves. I am not training to make it to regionals. That's just not me. I used to love doing the local CF competitions, but I entered those more so to gently push myself out of my comfort zone... to strengthen both my body and my resolve. Side note: this will be why I do the Open again this year as well. More on that in a future blog. 

    I don't like to compete in CrossFit. Not because I feel some sort of shame in coming in the bottom half or even last, or lifting less weight than some, it just doesn't motivate me or at least not enough to sustain. But being able to live independently into my ancient age? That motivates me. It's a terrible goal, however. A goal that you can't achieve for another 40 years isn't all that motivating today.

    As a coach and trainer, I know that people do really well when we work towards and achieve goals. Every incremental step towards achieving a goal is a success. When we have one little success after another, we start to think of ourselves as successful. When we achieve physical goals, we tend to think of ourselves as strong.

    Feeling strong and successful helps in life. 


    As a woman, and a mother, that is the beauty that I see in sport of any type that keeps you healthy, active, and strong. That's why I've made a life out of not only engaging in sport myself, but also helping others do the same.

    But, how do you set goals if you don't care about "winning?" How do you harness the power of sports, and the communities within sports, if being "the best" isn't of interest to you? Or if, although those elite athletes inspire you, you just know you aren't one of them?

    I can tell you what I do with the many people I train.

    I have them train toward something, for something. 

    1. Set a BIG goal
    Run your first 5k or Spartan Race. Squat or Squat Clean one, two or three times body weight. Bike across the challenging terrain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Compete in your first Body Building Competition or your first CrossFit Competition. Join a charity organization that supports a cause and races in a Half Marathon that you'd like to be part of and race. Pick something that seems "impossible" to you right now, but that the "you" you'd like to be would do. It has to be something YOU really want and that is that compelling thing that matters to you. What has your heart wrapped up in it? TELL everyone you know about it, and see if anyone wants to join you. People who are on teams, or train in groups do better than those of us who go it alone.  So make a "team" for  yourself.

    2. Set MINI goals (4 to 6 of them)
    What are the milestones along the way to your big goal? Before you can run 5 miles, you have to be able to run one mile. Set that goal. For a long time, my big one was to do a pull-up. Now it's to do 10, at a time, non-stop. Nest it will be 20! I also have a goal of a sub 2 hour Half Marathon. I can taste that one! My husband, on the other hand, is an avid runner, and goals of a faster half marathon time and I believe an obstacle race as well. Every time we get closer to our goals we celebrate. It keeps us focused, and feeling successful. 

    3. Track your progress
    When I train people, I have them keep a journal of EVERYTHING that they do. Why? So that on a day when you think you're not making progress or it's just a pipe-dream and it all sucks and you don't know why you are bothering, you can look back and see what you've done, and how much stronger you are now. A journal is a way to have a hit of success every single time you look at it. To my CrossFitting members, this is why we encourage you from day 1 to keep a journal or your workouts, etc... it is a valuable tool for you in motivation and success. 




  • New Class Option Starts January for Masters (50ish and up!)


    Parents are so challenging to buy for, am I right?

    How about giving them the "gift of fitness and health"? They will be in an atmosphere to succeed and always have a trainer ... such a wonderful opportunity for them as personal training is more expensive and this will allow them to have all of the benefits of one at a lower cost. They will also bond with their peers which makes the experience even more fun! Help them be able to maintain and gain muscle strength so they can live a longer quality of life and take care of themselves, which is the best gift they could ever receive.

    We are excited to announce we will be adding a new class option to our schedule!

    "Masters Class" beginning in January, 2015.
    We are planning to offer it 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) at 10:00a but if we get enough interest and folks signing up, we will add more class times without hesitation! Foundations classes are NOT required to participate in Masters Class.

    We have festive Gift Certificates if you would like to give this as a gift to get them started.


    This class will be designed for the 50ish and over population that wants to improve their overall functional fitness, build strength for better mobility and joint health and have a great time doing it with like minded people.


    As we age, we all suffer from the same issues.

    * Weight bearing exercises are crucial to maintaining bone density and muscle mass.

    * Knees and backs benefit from strengthening the muscles surrounding them thus helping to prevent pain and future injury.

    * Building muscle will jump start your metabolism and help you control your weight.

    * Our class size will be limited to ensure each individual is getting specialized attention that they need to make their experience beneficial. This insures your safety in all areas.

    * Every Crossfit workout is scalable to any fitness or mobility level.


    Classes will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00AM-11:00AM.


    $100.00 monthly (based on 3 sessions offered per week)


    Contact Dawn Cone at 757-288-8884 or dawn@crossfitunparalleled.com




    More inspiration to get yourself or someone you know to get started no matter if they are in their 50s, 60s, etc!



  • We love Drop-ins / Visitors!



    From out of town? New to CrossFit? We are happy to have you!

    It's easy to drop-in at CrossFit Unparalleled. YES, ONLY $5!!

    If you're new to CrossFit or new to our community, we'd love to have you try us out! Come see why so many folks love us and refer their friends to drop-in at our box or give us a try when looking for a new CrossFit gym in our area to call 'home'! We believe you'll be excited about what CF Unparalleled has to offer it's members. We offer the best pricing, many class options, open gym options every day, great programming, great coaches who are passionate and constantly soaking up more knowledge regularly, and we have an incredible family that welcomes everyone! *More classes and options are coming starting in January too!
    **Restrictions apply for locals. Contact us for details or with any questions.

    If you are from out of town, we ask that you send us an email to give us a heads up that you'd like to drop-in. We also ask that you arrive about 15 minutes before class time begins to fill out the waiver and get warmed up.
    If you are dropping in with NO CrossFit experience, we will need to evaluate your abilities and decide which is the best route to take for that day's workout. Remember, we need you to contact us before dropping in!

    We are a CASH ONLY gym for both drop-ins and retail sales. Please come prepared on your first visit with us to pay cash when signing in.

    After you workout with us, we'd love for you to sign "THE WALL". It is right when you walk in, just to the right of the front door past the vending machine. It's a place where you can leave you signature, tell us where you came from, rep your home box, and leave us a note if you'd like!

    Contact us! info@crossfitunparalleled.com

    Disclaimer: Restrictions apply for locals. Please send us an email and we'll be happy to give more details and work with you! 

  • December Athlete of the Month!!


    Our December Athlete of the Month is someone who came to us only about 7 weeks ago. She had been CrossFitting only for about couple of years or so, but had a minor injury (non-crossfit related) and took a 10 month hiatus from CrossFit to care for her new grand baby! This lady inspires me and all of the coaches here at CrossFit Unparalleled and makes us so proud to be her coach! She has made incredible progress in the short time she has been back at it and to top it off she is 52 years young, with two grown children, one grandchild, and one on the way! She is proof you can start CrossFit at any age and even come back from a minor injury and build back up! 

    Grace gives her all in the workouts, and bring a sense of "I've got this" to the workouts that oozes over to those who workout along side her as well. She is greatly loved by her CrossFit family and CF Unparalleled wouldn't be the same without her!

    Congratulations to Gracie!

    Keep up that awesome mojo and rocking every day in the gym and in life!! xo! Coach Dawn

    Get to know this awesome Scottish Lady a little better via her answers below:

    1.  I grew up in a town called Dunoon on the west coast of Scotland.

    2. What is your athletic background?

    I played field hockey in high school and net ball (similar to women's basketball). In later years indoor volley ball.

    3. How did you get started with CrossFit?

    I got started in CrossFit when I first met Jeannie Bassi of Beach Crossfit  through a personal trainer introduction.

    4. How long have you been at CrossFit Unparalleled?

    I have been at CrossFit  Unparalleled for just under two months

    5. What are your favorite exercises/WODs?

    My favorite WOD is the "Filthy Fifty" and my favorite lift is the deadlift.

    6. What exercises/WODs do you dislike?

    I really dislike (in fact hate) thrusters and next in line would be wall balls.

    7. What are you goals with regards to CrossFit?

    With regard to personal goals for CrossFit  I have many.....one of which is to master the snatch with proper technique.  If you have seen me do this the bar gets overhead but "it's not pretty!"  

    8. What is one (or two) of your most memorable moments at CrossFit Unparalleled?

    One of the memorable moments was when Amanda's group of girls came to "Squats for Sammy".  It was amazing to see support from other children in the community and the show they put on afterwards.

    9. In your perfect world, what would you be doing in 10 years?

    Ten years from now I hope to still be Cross fitting no matter how my age will define the scaling!

    10. Where did you go to high school/college?

    I went to high school in Dunoon, Scotland and while in America went back to school to attain 5 insurance designations and spent 12 years as a Property & Casualty Field Adjuster and then moved into Financial Planning.

    11. What is your current occupation?

    I am currently in between jobs.  In September of this year the financial institution I was employed with had to let me go due to cutbacks after having been in the business for 8 years.

    12. If you could eat dinner with 3 people past or present, who would you choose and why?  Furthermore, what would you order for dinner?

    One would be Princess Diana, I adored her and was devastated upon learning of her death.  Not only was she the "peoples Princess" but she was a great and tireless humanitarian of our time.  Another would be "Mother Teresa" another great humanitarian and lastly  "Ellen"  she makes me laugh!  As for eating dinner with them I have no idea!!!

    13. Who is your celebrity crush?

    I don't have a celebrity crush although I do think Adam Levine is sexy!

    14. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Unparalleled?

    My favorite thing about CrossFit Unparalleled is the camaraderie.  I haven't been to any of the evening classes yet since I attend the 9am one, however, everyone has been so nice and welcoming and encouraging.

    15. Tell us something interesting about yourself that we would be surprised to know.

    I am a choc-a-holic (working on controlling the urge for that delicious sinful sugar).

    16. If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?

    I can honestly say that I don't have a wish for a "do-over" in life.  I have been truly blessed with an amazing husband and family.   I feel that life is a lesson and no matter what we will always make good and bad decisions and hopefully learn as we go.

    17. Have you ever been out of the country? If so, where and what was your favorite place?

    I have been fortunate enough to have travelled many places in Europe.  My favorite being Scotland (the homeland) then London, Paris and Belgium.

    18. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be and why?

    Yours!  I'd love to own a CF box.  After spending my life in two careers I think it would be cool to just do something that I really wanted.

    19. What would you say is your worst personality trait?

    Forgetfulness!! I am the worst.

    20. If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?  What is the first frivolous thing you would buy?

    If I won the lottery I would adequately take care of loved ones and likely donate the rest.  Money doesn't buy happiness.  I would rather give it to those less fortunate than myself.  Of course that would be after I book a trip to Tahiti!!  It's on my bucket list.

    21. You are banished to a deserted island for a month and can only bring one person (fictional or real) and one album with you.  Who do you bring and what album do you choose (keep in mind I said album, not song)?

    If I were stranded on a desert island I'd bring someone who could catch fish.  I tend to get a little grumpy when overly hungry so the thought of not eating ........not good.  The album I would choose to bring is one of my favorite of all times.  Most of you reading this will not even know him but he is the greatest blues/jazz guitarist of all time - George Benson and the album would be his greatest hits.

    22. Who do you consider your role model or inspiration?

    My parents were my role models.  They taught me to be who I am today. 

    23. What do you feel is the most important invention in the past 100 years and why?

    I'd have to say the internet.  It is inconceivable the vast amount of information that is accessible. Totally mind blowing.

    24. What are your favorite sports teams (you can list all teams for all sports you are a fan of)?

    I'm not a big fan of US sports.  I much prefer soccer and love to watch the mens and womens World Cup.

    25. What are your hobbies and interests outside of the box?

    Interests are reading - love biographies and historical stuff, walking, movies, animals.

  • Small Business Saturday Special Plus More Thru the Week!


    The Holidays have gone to my head!
    (be sure to click on the words "see more" to get all of the details of this post!)

    I just sent our CrossFit Affiliation renewal and it actually put a smile on my face. Crazy, I know! But do you know why?
    I'm going to tell you... this means we hit our 2 Year mark as CrossFit Unparalleled! What an amazing two years it has been, AND only getting better as we prepare to bring more to CF Unparalleled... more options... more classes!
    THANK YOU to ALL who have supported us over these past 2 years! It's amazing to live your passion and be part of the journeys of all who train with us!!

    With all of this warm-fuzzy I am feeling... I am giving you all
    SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYS SPECIALS and extending all but one of them through the week... One week ONLY though so don't delay and then forget and miss out!

    Do you remember what gifts you received last year over the holidays? How many of them can you say had a real impact on your life? If you’re looking for a meaningful gift to give someone this holiday season consider giving a gift that will have a strong and immediate impact on the daily health and life of that person — a CrossFit Unparalleled membership. They will thank you for YEARS to come!

    We have wonderful offers for EVERYONE!

    Our first special is being SOLD TODAY THRU MON Dec 1st ONLY...
    3 MONTHS UNLIMITED CROSSFIT for $275 We want to help you by getting you through the Winter Months and keeping you fit!
    *This will activate Dec 1st, 2014 and will cover Dec 1 through March 1, 2015.

    We’re also excited to offer these incredible specials this week for the holiday season! *All may be paid for with credit/debit, check or cash.

    TODAY THROUGH DEC. 5th ONLY! (Small Business WEEK!)
    *all offers that are being gifted will be on a festive Gift Certificate, and each comes with a gift bag, tissue, and gift tag.

    Option 1 -
    Purchase the 3 Session Foundations Course for $60! That's an incredible deal at ~55% OFF!

    The following specials are for New and Current Members:

    Option 2 -
    Purchase 4 months and we’ll give an additional month FREE! *amount must be paid in full at time of purchase in order to receive the discount.
    Is four months long enough to see meaningful results? ABSOLUTELY it is! We have several members who have had amazing results in less than 3 months!
    OR!! …
    Purchase 6 months and get two additional months FREE!
    Current Members or new athletes! *amount must be paid in full at time of purchase in order to receive the discount.

    Option 3 -
    Purchase a Gift Certificate this holiday season for a new member and/or an existing member in any amount and CrossFit Unparalleled will add 10% to the amount! GIFT CERTIFICATES always make an awesome gift!!


    College Students coming home for the Holidays/Winter break … 1 Month Unlimited (with College ID) for $55

    For Visiting (out-of-towners OR locals if your Box is barely open Xmas week) … come WOD with us! 1 Week unlimited sessions for $35 (this is less than the cost of 2 Drop-In sessions!)

    ~ Contact Dawn Cone to take advantage of these fantastic Holiday Specials! dawn@crossfitunparalleled.com

    ****** Stocking Stuffers! ... How about a Tshirt, tank top or Hoodie? 10% OFF this week ONLY ******

    Contact dawn@crossfitunparalleled.com or through our website www.crossfitunparalleled.com to take advantage of these great specials! 

    Fine Print:
    - Only one discount may be used per person.
    - No offers/specials may be combined.
    - No refunds (partial nor full)



  • Black Friday Special & This week's Holiday Schedule



    There will be NO 5am Classes this week.

    MON, TUE, & WED - 6a, 9a, 4:30p, 5:30p & 6:30p
    FRI - Open Gym from 10a-12p (with an optional WOD/programming)
    SAT - 9a
    SUN - Closed

    ** Come in Wednesday and get in a GREAT workout to prepare for Thursday's feasting. On Thursday maybe get outside and play some football with friends/family, go for a long walk or hike, maybe run a Turkey Trot. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you're spending it with family and/or friends and taking in all great things that come of it.

    It's the seasoning of giving and GIFTing!

    On Friday 11/28 from 10:00am to 12:00pm we will be offering a LIMITED quantity of "Gift" Certificates in the amour of $100 for only $10 to be used by new members towards Foundations or their First Month if they don't need Foundations! What a fantastic gift to give someone... the gift of fitness at a Black Friday incredible special price!
    This is a rare deal, quantities offered will be limited, make plans to be there!

    If you've been thinking of trying CrossFit or a friend or family member has talked about joining, this would make a great gift! Pair it with a T-shirt and it’s a great stocking stuffer! We’ll also be selling T-shirts/Tank tops, etc for $5 OFF (only good for items in stock).

    Join us for a workout on Friday as well anytime from 10a-12p as we will have Open Gym! The Black Friday workout is free for everyone!

    *Current Members: You will receive a larger than usual referral credit for anyone you gift one of these to that lists you as the person who gave them the gift card when they sign up! More details coming on this!

    FINE PRINT: Gift Certificates redeemable by new members only. May not to be combined with any other discounts. Gift Certificates are valid for Foundations or One month of membership ONLY, not redeemable for merchandise or punchcards. In order to redeem the Gift Certificate, holder must be neither a current nor past member of CrossFit Unparalleled.You may buy as many Gift Certificates as you’d like. However an individual may only redeem one Gift Certificate per person. Gift Certificates are non refundable.
    For more information about how to get started, our schedule and more click on the tabs above!

  • November Athlete of the Month!

    Our November Athlete of the Month is someone who came to us over a year ago (going on two years). He quickly got the CrossFit 'bug' and has been steady at it ever since. He has become quite the CrossFitter and has made incredible progress all around which led him to start competing in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting competitions. He is holds down a full-time job in our nation's amazing military and takes college courses all while making time to workout 4-5 days a week or more even on days he just doesn't feel like it. 

    Wardell is also one you can count on to work hard in the workouts, and bring a sense of humor as well. He is greatly loved by his CrossFit family and CF Unparalleled wouldn't be the same without him!

    Congratulations to Wardell (aka Bradley ... aka B !)

    Keep up that awesome mojo and rocking every day in the gym and in life!! xo! Coach Dawn

    Get to know him a little better in his answers below:

    1. Where did you grow up? Baltimore MD

    2. What is your athletic background? football, Track

    3. How did you get started with CrossFit? tried a class at CF Unparalleled and got hooked

    4. How long have you been at CrossFit Unparalleled? going on 2 years

    5. What are your favorite exercises/WODs? snatches!... me and WODs have a love/ hate relationship

    6. What exercises/WODs do you dislike? Turkish getups/ anything with Turkish getups

    7. What are you goals with regards to CrossFit? just get stronger and faster

    8.  What is your current occupation? U.S Navy

    9.  What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Unparalleled? the people

    10. If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be? I don't regret anything

    11. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be and why? be my own boss

    19. If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?  What is the first frivolous thing you would buy? just take care of family.

    24. What are your favorite sports teams (you can list all teams for all sports you are a fan of)? Baltimore ravens and the Orioles

    25. What are your hobbies and interests outside of the box? I'll do almost anything.


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