We are a gym dedicated to the betterment of human performance and a return to functionality.  Here, you won’t find cardio-bots zoning out on their headsets while reading magazines on various "hamster wheels." You won't find high-tech weightlifting machines designed to work one muscle at a time.  You also won't find an environment filled with people anxious to show off their huge biceps while flexing in the mirror.

The tools of our trade are much more primal in nature. We believe the human body was built for movement and that exercises consisting of different forms of running, jumping, squatting, throwing, pushing, pulling, and climbing, etc will result in better health, better movement and less injury. By training these movements, we recondition our bodies to function in the manner that they were designed to. We believe in High Intensity Interval Workouts, varied movements, and a departure from monotony in the Virginia Beach Norfolk area.

It’s not the equipment or methodology that makes us special. It’s the people. The trainers and clients that make up the CrossFit Unparalleled Virginia Beach Norfolk community come from diverse backgrounds. We are business professionals, housewives, computer programmers, teachers, doctors, military special operations personnel, laborers, police officers, fire fighters, high school/college students, athletes of all ages and abilities, grandparents, parents, and more!  What binds us together is the desire to be healthy and live a better life.  Our members encourage each other to excel and congratulate one another for their efforts.

That is What Makes the CrossFit Unparalleled Community Different!

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